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This is a Guest post by a female who requested to remain anonymous.


Okay, I write this letter out of compassion and empathy. It is not a letter that is going to ask you to change your ways, you are past changing. I am just asking you to take time and re-evaluate your principles and morals, your womanhood and your dignity. I know after reading this letter you will respond by calling me the “C” and “P” words. My poor ears.

You see Shee and Huddah (I hope that is how you spell your nicknames), a woman is not judged by how much dirt she can spew from her mouth, but rather by how she can use her mouth to calm, motivate and correct someone else. You probably do not know this because you use your mouths for other purposes; can I now calmly use the “D” word? Other than eating, talking and drinking, the mouth can be used to perform other duties; as I have come to learn from a number of your tweefs. Let me try to use my rhyming talent here: you can eat or shit (excuse my language) using your mouths. I see you chose to use your mouths to shit.

You talk about sex, how you were fucked (again, excuse my language) by politicians, rich men and you compete to see who has had more snakes in her hole(s). When did spreading your legs become a contest? And when did it become a privilege to know that you have spent more hours in different men’s beds than you have in a classroom? You may gain a few followers on twitter by engaging in name-calling and abuses and by a few, I mean that 2000+ followers is not a reason to sell your dignity. Besides, who said that vulgarity is the gateway to fame? Look at A Kenyan Girl’s, Mercy Murugi, Winnie Mitchel’s, Julie Gichuru’s twitter accounts. They have more followers than you do. Do they engage in silly tweefs and fights to get famous? Oh, and they did spend time in class by the way.

Darlings, when you are a woman of value and virtues, if your mama taught you any, then obscene words are a no-go zone. Remember, as you mention another woman’s “P” and “C”, you also have the same parts lodged somewhere between your legs. Incase you did not know, a woman is made of respect; a woman is to be respected. Respect starts with respecting yourselves before others can respect you. Those numerous men asking for your “P”, do you think that they respect you? You know, anything that comes cheap attracts attention. Why should I be bothered to buy a pair of shoes for sh5000 while the same shoe can come at a throw-away price of sh.500? Unfortunately, the problem with such cheap stuff is that I know that I can pick up another on the streets, so I lose interest pretty first.

So, really what this whole letter is trying to tell you is that you are a let-down to your mothers and the values they taught you. Did your mothers teach you to display your inner stuff in the faces of everyone? When did mama’s little princess turn into a “Bitch”, again excuse my language. Shee, what is a good girl doing tweeting this>> “Peter Kenneth looks like he’d lick my P Spick and span!! Yeah! I said it!”
Sorry, I forgot, you roll with the “bad girl” crowd. Problem is, you do not know how to be bad. A bad girl is not slutty (except when in the bedroom with her MAN), a bad girl does not have to mention the “P” to be branded bad. A bad girl can hold her own, which I am sure you cannot.

I do not plan to engage in a tweef with either of you because I would lose, hands down. But then, I am a woman brought up with principles, and I do not intend to water down the values passed down by my mum by looking for fame in the wrong ways.

In the meantime, my dear girls, you can be as vulgar as you want, it is your life, your TL, your account. Save for the silly tweefs you engage in, I would never have known that you exist. Now and I know and you can rest in peace knowing that YOU ARE FAMOUS.

Concerned Twitter Female.


  • Arez

    :-p Let them be

    • gathukimundu

      Their life, our entertainment

  • MMK

    Dear Concerned Twitter Female, what is your beef? You mad sis? How are their lifestyles affecting you? Unfollow, block and STFU. Let them be!

    • gathukimundu

      hehe,their life, our entertainment

  • kenyadaima

    Sometimes we come across watching 2 ladies fighting which can be amusing… but when they start tearing off clothes and their nakedness shows…the ladies and a few gentlemen will rush to cover the ladies because it is embarrassing. This tweef that these 2 ladies engaged in for the whole world to see was shameful. There is grace n dignity that can be held even when fighting….

    • gathukimundu

      Spoken like a true hero. Thank you

  • camila

    sm1 shld tell them!!

    • gathukimundu

      hehe,someone had to tell the naked truth…